Joint Venture

House in Order is also offering a dynamic business partnership/joint venture based on project by project with a unique combination of project plan, execution, delivery and sales which comprises of suitable land research, designing trend, customer requirements, development plan and construction turn-key services with those who are trust-worthy and reliable investors seeking for RE development partnership along with construction services for a profitable joint venture.

“Join us to achieve the target of maximizing your returns on investment with our unique combination of investment and construction related services under the umbrella of our experienced team and consistent supply chain as we value our business partners to develop a trust-worthy platform of investment with maximum yield”.


  • Invitation for a project based profitable ventures with trust-worthy and reliable investors with minimum ticket size of investment starting from PKR 1,000,000/project.
  • Investor due diligence, credibility and legal status with careful consideration is performed to secure other investors for any negative implications.
  • Providing a unique combination of hybrid investment in the potential projects against land plus construction & development finance and project management services till maturity and sales.
  • Providing full legitimate security to investors against their investment contribution through various legal instruments and agreements acceptable in the court of law.
  • Providing full development services including designing, constructions and finishing (Turn-Key) as mandatory part of business venture.
  • Assisting throughout the project development in technical, social, environmental and financial matters.
  • Controlling the project cost by emphasizing on procurement at economies of scale, low wastage, increasing labor efficiency, customized latest model designing.
  • Regular monitoring and reporting the project progress to the partners.
  • Focusing on 3-5 Marla (675 SFT – 1,125 SFT) land development for affordable and cost-effective housing unit to get easy market access for lower and middle-income segment.
  • Launching the project under-progress for off plan or pre-sales in the right potential market.
  • Capable of dealing with the regulatory matters specifically pertinent to the construction and development at multi-domestic area/societies.
  • Providing comprehensive and diversified procurement of material and labor services through a professional team to manage the project within a stipulated time frame.
  • Immediately distributing post sales collection of equity and profits to all partners for their comfort and satisfaction.
  • Providing flexible option to partners for post sales exit or rollover purely on partners discretion.
  • Providing flexibility to partners for selling their shares to other partners with mutual understanding.